Yang Family Taiji Jian (Straight Sword) Course

Sunday 28th June 2015  –   10:00 – 4:00pmLNG Somerset logo

Henton Hall, Somerset  BA5  1PH

This course will be taught by Lotus Nei Gong Senior teacher Paul Mitchell –  a day long course looking at improving the knowledge and ability of previous Jian course students. Beginners can also join this course. The sword (or Jian) is known as the king of short weapons in Chinese Martial society. It has long been considered one of the most advanced aspects of Gong Fu training and more than any other weapon epitomises the martial strategy of Taijiquan. The Jian is a light and delicate weapon that requires skill and focus to yield, coil and cut in order to overcome a heavier blade. Please note that students will use wooden representations of the Jian which will be supplied on the course if you don’t have one of your own

This day long course costs £45.00. Booking your place is essential. Please email



Yang Family Taiji Course


14th & 15th November 15 – Wantage Nr OxfordLNG Somerset logo


 This course will be taught by Lotus Nei Gong Senior teacher Paul Mitchell, Damo’s father.

Over the two days course Paul will be teaching the mechanics, principles and correct body alignments of the Yang family 37 form. These principles build the foundation upon which internal energetics are developed. Paul, who has studied the martial systems of Asia for 35 years will embed the energies and principles of pushing hands into this course. It is these internal martial elements that characterise this fascinating system of personal development. A person can approach Taiji as a martial system or for purely its incredible health benefits. Although Taiji Quan (grand ultimate fist) is an effective martial system it specialises in real ‘self defence’ against: time, injury and disease.

The course is suitable for all levels of knowledge and ability from novice to advanced Taiji practitioners. Paul will endeavour to assist each student individually to either learn or improve their Taiji practise

For the first time we are using Wantage, near Oxford as a venue. As it is just off the M4 it is a very easy place to access for car drivers. There are great public transport links –  Didcot train station is just a short Bus/Taxi ride away

Training will be in the Stanford in the Vale Village Hall SN7 8LX

Cost of the training £80.00 for the whole course – Training will be 10:00 until 4:30pm on Saturday and 09:30 to 4:00pm on Sunday Please bring your own lunch.

Socialising – There will be a group meal for those that are interested either in Wantage or in the centre of Oxford. Details will be sent when you book your place

Accommodation – There is a lovely Bunkhouse in Wantage where you can get together with your friends and book as a group or individually. Follow the link below to view

Alternatively there are quite a few B&Bs and Hotels nearby.

Please do not book via  LNG bookings – book by contacting