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 These courses will be taught by

Lotus Nei Gong Senior teacher Paul Mitchell

Over the two day courses Paul will be teaching the mechanics, principles and correct body alignments of the Yang family 37 form. These principles build the foundation upon which internal energetics are developed. Paul, who has studied the martial systems of Asia for 35 years will embed the energies and principles of pushing hands into this course. It is these internal martial elements that characterise this fascinating system of personal development. A person can approach Taiji as a martial system or for purely its incredible health benefits. Although Taiji Quan (grand ultimate fist) is an effective martial system it specialises in real ‘self defence’ against: time, injury and disease.

These courses are suitable for all levels of knowledge and ability from novice to advanced Taiji practitioners. Paul will assist each student individually to either learn or improve their Taiji practise


Booking is essential – for more information or to book your place contact

Course Dates 2018 :


 23rd /26th February – Maryland. USA

2nd /3rd March  – Wantage, Oxfordshire

24 /25th March – North Wales

30th March / 1st April – Prague, Czech Republic

5th /6th May – Wantage, Oxfordshire

14 /17th June – North Wales (course jointly taught by Paul and Damo)

23/ 24th June – Munich, Germany

29th July /1st July – Prague, Czech Republic

7th/8th July – Swindon

11th/12th August – North Wales

15/16th September – Wantage, Oxfordshire