Qi Gong

Qi Gong exercises are a form of personal health-care as well as an effective way to soften your body for Tai Chi training. Practiced everyday, Qi Gong will boost your immune system, relax your body and help you to overcome old injuries and sicknesses.

The movements of Qi Gong are usually very simple to practice and so can be learnt in a short time. Their beauty lies in the fact that although they are quick to learn, mastering them can easily take a lifetime.

When practicing Qi Gong, you learn to combine various bodily movements, your breath and your intent to create a healthy flow of internal energy (Qi) throughout your body. Pathogenic factors are expelled from your lungs and meridian system during the class and advanced stduents begin to work with the more advanced aspects of Qi Gong known as Nei Gong within the Taoist community.