Tai Chi (Taiji)

Yang family Tai Chi Chuan is an internal art based around the Taoist philosophy of Yin and Yang.

As a form of exercise Tai Chi utilises natural and efficient body mechanics. Through consistent practice a person can learn to relax into their own body and move in an effortless manner, free from discomfort.

After some time a person will begin to develop a healthy flow of internal force which the Chinese called Qi (chee). As our Qi flows, we begin to experience a marked improvement in our health and general well-being.

In the West we know Tai Chi as this form of exercise but in the East it is also known as an effective martial art which emulates the soft and yielding properties of water to neutralise and overcome an attacker.

In Lotus Nei Gong we teach all aspects of Yang Tai Chi Chuan including its health aspects, martial and meditative skills. A practitioner from our school will study empty-handed forms, partner exercises and, at a high level, the sword.